How to Choose the Best Toy for Your DogHow to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog

Chewing and playing are natural behaviors of carnivores. Though some dogs will chew or play more than others, toys are items necessary for all dogs. Problems of behaviors can come into being when dogs lack proper outlets of following their instincts.

Options of dog toys are endless; therefore, choosing the right toy for your dog can be a tough task. Some people will go for cheap toys that gather dust since they have no interest in the dog. How will you choose the best toy for the dog? The preference of a dog’s toy is dependent on individual playing and chewing style. Try different toys for the dog and learn his behaviors of chewing and playing. If you end up with a lot of toys, put away a bunch of them and then reintroduce them after some time. After several months, they will seem new to the dog. The list below can guide you on the best toy for the dog.


When choosing a ball for the dog, go for one that is large for the dog to carry without swallowing it accidentally. Necessary tennis size balls work fine for many, but there are mini balls for small dogs and large balls for giant dogs. Generally, you should avoid tennis balls around the dog to chew on it. The materials in such balls will cause the teeth of the dog to wear, and the pieces can result in gastrointestinal obstruction or choking if ingested.

Retrieving objects like Discs

Dogs which love playing and ball fetch also enjoy retrieval of toys and other discs. The disk is more versatile than balls on the front of recovery as you can change the disc speed and its direction; which will challenge your dog. There is a dog sport that involves retrieval of discs. Other retrievers like Hurley give the dog unique toys to fetch. They might be made from rope, plastic, or rubber material.

Plush toys

A lot of dogs adore plush toys. They carry them all over like babies or even tear them like prey. Stuffed toys of the dog contain poly-fill and squeakers. They often rip in them, and the stuffing goes all over. A lot of dogs try killing their prey by destroying these squeakers. After the death of the toy, they carry them around shaking them. Supervise the dog while playing with these toys to keep it from swallowing squeakers or the stuffing, which may lead to obstruction. In case you are sick of cleaning the filler from the plush toys, you can try stuffing-free toys. Plush toys do not last long with deep chewers, but can still be fun.

Rope toys

Rope toys are manufactured from the braided rope and may have plastic or rubber parts. You can use them for chewing, tug of war, or fetch. A lot of dogs love rope toys while others do not have an interest. The chewing action on the rope toy can be good for the teeth of the dog because it creates an effect like brushing; however, chewers that are aggressive can shed rope toys easily and ingest the pieces. This will lead to gastrointestinal obstruction. Never allow the dog to play with these toys without supervision. When the rope toy starts unraveling, it is time to throw it.